german girl who went to Israel and fell in love with a beautiful county.

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Following the ceasefire with Hamas which started about 2 hours ago, Hamas gathered some of its members and supporters to celebrate their “victory”, when a part of the celebration was shooting at the air. There are already a several people recorded killed from stray bullets.

This is how much Hamas and its supporters value human lives.

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Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas. They are branches of the same poisonous tree.
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I mean, look at that city! :D
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From my last day in Israel. I went running while the sun came up
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Arab Terrorism before 1967
earthling-liberationist: I'm a bit confused. If you're neither Jewish nor Israeli, why do you wear a Star of David and have a blog called "my Israel"? Is the Star of David significant to you for any reason?

there’s much more to it, but I’ll make it simple and take the description of my blog:
"german girl who went to Israel and fell in love with a beautiful county."

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Experience by a german girl in Germany.


A few weeks ago I started working as a waitress in an arabic restaurant here in Berlin. On my second day of work they asked me to take off my bracelet with the star of david. I told them I’m not going to take it off, my other bracelet with the colombian flag isn’t a problem either.

Two days later I got fired. 

Does anybody really wonder why…?

This happened over a year ago. Still relevant, how I - neither jewish nor israeli - get treated here in my homecountry.

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Anonymous: I always laugh how people in Gaza say they are fighting for Jerusalem and yet they fire bombs at it! XD and the world doesn't even seem to know Israel is also under attack! Yeah we have the Iron Dome! they don't ask "why would Israeli forces build a weapon that protects Israeli lives without harming palestinian civilians?" bc/s the answer is: Israel does not want to harm innocent people.



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